multi voltage
Electric Start

400A Diesel Welder Gen


When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality 400A diesel welder, look no further than our GW 420 ECO-Dual.

kubota 2 year warranty
stage 3A Engine
Features & Benefits
  • DC welding range 50–420A
    Will burn up to an 8mm rod
  • 14kVA multi-voltage AC generator power (400/230/110V)
    Hugely versatile with a great advantage in the rental market
  • Kubota diesel engine (Stage 3A)
    World class performance and watercooled
  • Superior welding technology
    Unrivalled weld quality and performance
  • Switchless power
    Can be used as a welder or generator or both simultaneously
  • Fully bunded base
    To retain all spilt fluids
  • Dual operator mode
    Can weld in single operator mode (400A max) or dual operator mode (max 210A each)
  • Auto Idle & Eco mode
    Automatically saves noise, fuel & CO,2 emissions
  • CC/CV mode
    Suitable & compatible for mig welder & wire feeder connectivity
  • Arc Air Gouging
    Up to 8mm electrodes

Optional Extras

Road-tow Kit
Road-tow Kit
Trolley kit
Trolley kit
Chalwyn Valve
Chalwyn Valve
Spark Arrestor
Spark Arrestor
Remote Control
Remote Control

Weights & Dimensions

  (Machine only) (With trolley kit) (With road-tow kit)
Length 1435 mm TBA mm 2710 mm
Width 700 mm TBA mm 1450 mm
Height 858 mm TBA mm 1270 mm
Dry Weight (No Fuel) 480 kg TBA kg 550 kg
Wet Weight (Fuel Full) 517 kg TBA kg 587 kg
Socket Configuration
3ph (400V) 1ph (230V) 1ph (110V)
63A 32A 16A 32A 16A 32A 16A
- 1 - - 1 1 1

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