UK Standard Approved
Drinking water approved

Transportable Fluid Storage Bowsers/ Tanks

Stackable Water Tank 1125

1125 litre/ 250 gallon transportable and stackable water storage tank suitable for general water usage on and off site

When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality water storage tank, look no further than our MHM Stackable Water Tank 1125.

Fuel Buddy 1125
Features & Benefits
  • 1125 litre capacity
    Can be safely transported full of water and enough storage for most construction site applications
  • Drinking water approved
    Suitable for both construction and event applications
  • Stackable design
    Stack 2 high full or 3 empty for improved storage
  • Internal anti-surge baffle
    Additional stability for transport
  • 22 inch lockable top access cover
    Secure and simple refill access
  • Inner sealed and vented lid
    Extra protection
  • Flexible connectivity
    Able to suit a variety of applications
  • 2 x fork pockets + 4 x lifting eyes
    Simple & easy manoeuvrability when full or empty
  • Protective galvanised framework & durable corrosion free polyethylene inner and outer tank secured by 2 x stainless steel straps
    Robust, long lasting & ready for work in any environment

Weights & Dimensions

  (Tank only)
Length 1830 mm
Width 1540 mm
Height 1525 mm
Dry Weight (No Water) 180 kg
Wet Weight (Water Full) 1305 kg

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