Complete with 6kVA Generator
HVO Fuel Approved Dusk till Dawn sensor AMOS System Automatic Mast Operating Safety System 30 day run time

Portable Mobile
ECO FRIENDLY towable mobile diesel lighting tower

DT-9 (LED-8)

When looking for an advanced, industry-suited, extra fuel efficient mobile diesel lighting tower, our DT-9 (LED-8) has everything the Hire market requires.

DT-9 LED-8
4m Mast
standard load delivery 28 per truck
extra super silent
extra super silent
Features & Benefits
  • An MHM Dusk ‘til Dawn Auto Start/Stop sensor
    Allowing the lighting tower to automatically start and stop the engine and lights from Dusk ‘til Dawn completely unmanned
  • AMOS system (Automatic Mast Operating Safety system)
    Prevents towing of the machine when the mast is upright and prevents mast being erected without the handbrake being on
  • 8 x 160W LED heads mounted on 4 x fully adjustable 360° swivel and tilt bracket with 2 x LED heads per bracket
    Illuminates 5,000m2 and allows for a better spread of light with little or no dark spots
  • 9m vertical stainless steel electric hydraulic mast
    For quick, simple and easy set-up
  • 1kVA 240v auxiliary power output
    Some extra power for general site requirements
  • Linz alternator (3.5kVA)
    Heavy duty and proven reliability
  • Kubota electric start diesel engine (Stage 5)
    Power, reliability & robust strength
  • HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel approved
    Suitable to run off either diesel, HVO or a mixture of both fuels
  • Exclusive MHM engine protection shutdown system
    In the case of low fuel, low oil pressure, high engine temperature and battery charge failure
  • Central lifting eye + side and rear fork pockets
    For flexible and safe loading and off-loading
  • Easy access gull wing doors
    Plenty of access for routine checks, servicing and maintenance
  • Fully bunded base (110%)
    To retain all spilt fluids
  • 4 x easy pull & drop fully adjustable stabiliser legs
    For nice, simple and easy usability and reduced set-up time
  • Complete on road-tow trailer
    For easy transport and onsite use
save fuel reduce co2

Optional Extras

GPS Telemetry Tracker
GPS Telemetry Tracker
Mains Power Input Plug
Mains Power Input Plug
DT-9 (LED-8) Multi position lighting head
Street lite 2 led-4 coverage
Street lite 2 led-4 coverage

Weights & Dimensions

Dimensions (Storage mode, mast down, stabiliser legs in)
Length 2355 mm
Width 1400 mm
Maximum Load Weight 2440 mm
Dimensions (Operation mode, mast up, stabiliser legs out)
Length 2355 mm
Width 2005 mm
Height 9000 mm
Dry Weight (No Fuel) 900 kg
Wet Weight (Fuel Full) 1065 kg
Socket Configuration
1ph (230V)
Savings Standard Lighting Tower DT-9 Lighting Tower Monthly savings when using
DT-9 Lighting Tower
Fuel consumption 2 Litres per hour 0.5 Litres per hour 1.5 Litres saved per hour
Fuel usage @ 12 hours every night over 30 days 720 Litres 180 Litres 540 Litres saved per month
Fuel cost @ £1.15 per litre £828 £207 £621 saved per month
CO2 emission output* 1.9 tons 0.5 tons 1.4 TONS SAVED PER MONTH
Runtime on full tank 60 hrs 330 hrs 270 more hours
Lamp type Metal halide LED -
Light sensor Optional Standard -
AMOS kit Optional Standard -
the green option icon
The CO2 reduction and fuel savings achieved by contractors when hiring DT-9 Lighting Towers can be included in the Contractors Sustainability Policy, which will help them to win Government and Local Authority Contracts.

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