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Ready to Rent 10kVA Eco Diesel Generator

MG 10000 SSKH-5-ECO

When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality 10kVA diesel generator, look no further than our MG 10000 SSKH-5-ECO.

kohler 2 year warranty
stage 5 Engine
HVO Fuel approved
Features & Benefits
  • Eco Auto Stop/Start mode allows the generator to automatically stop & start according to generator power demand
    The Eco system reduces noise, fuel consumption and carbon emmissions
  • 10kVA (230V / 110V) AC Aux Power
    Plenty of power to meet the demands of small generator hire
  • Linz alternator
    Heavy duty and proven reliability
  • Kohler diesel engine (Stage 5)
    World class performance and watercooled
  • HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil) fuel approved
    Suitable to run off either diesel, HVO or a mixture of both fuels
  • Exclusive MHM-Gen engine protection shutdown system
    In the case of low fuel, low oil pressure and battery charge failure
  • Emergency stop button
    A must on any UK site
  • Central lifting eye and front & side fork pockets
    Flexible and safe lifting on site
  • Fully bunded base (110%)
    To retain all spilt fluids
  • Complete with trolley kit + folding handles
    For nice and easy manoeuvrability, transport and storage

Optional Extras

Road tow kit icon
Road-tow Kit
GPS Telemetry Tracker
GPS Telemetry Tracker

Weights & Dimensions

  Machine only Trolley kit with handles folded out With road-tow kit
Length 1375 mm 1755 mm 2490 mm
Width 850 mm 990 mm 1330 mm
Height 860 mm 1057 mm 1220 mm
Dry Weight (No Fuel) 308 kg 333 kg 438 kg
Wet Weight (Fuel Full) 343 kg 368 kg 473 kg
Socket Configuration
1ph (230V) 1ph (110V)
32A 16A 32A 16A
1 1 2 1
Hard Wire Facility
1ph (230V) 1ph (110V)

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