MHM DO NOT hire direct to your customers MHM ONLY hire to rental companies
MHM Rehire Service
We don’t hire… we rehire!
Confused? Don’t be – it’s really quite simple!

The complete range of MHM equipment is available to rent, but only to genuine equipment rental organisations holding a current membership of an accredited hire industry trade body.

Typical associations include the Hire Association Europe ( or the Construction Plant-hire Association ( and the MPBA (

A hire firm can rehire with total confidence, as MHM undertakes never to hire to an end user under any circumstances.

So why rehire?

A hire company can ‘top-up’ their own hire fleet without enduring any costly outlay or entering into expensive and time-consuming finance arrangements. The firm’s CAPEX funds are then protected and ready to invest when needed.

MHM’s rehire service enables a hire company, irrespective of their size, to pursue major projects in their areas of operation. (Those that are often snapped up by hire firms with large and diverse hire-fleets). The hire firm can offer a complete service to contracts that may require equipment that the hire company would not normally wish to have in their own fleet.

Seasonal machinery, such as lighting towers, can be rehired from MHM during peak demand and then returned back when activity decreases. This helps with fleet utilisation and frees up valuable storage space.

There are no long term contractual commitments and often the MHM machinery can be liveried in a hire firm’s own branding

How do I rehire?

Simply call the MHM rehire desk with what you need and where you want it.

Hire rates are always competitive and flexible, depending on the length of hire and quantity of equipment.

MHM deliver nationwide and operate service centres covering the entire UK. Support is only a telephone call away.

Need to know more?

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