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Road-Tow Water Bowser 1125-P

1125 litre/ 250 gallon road-towable pressure washer bowser suitable for general washing and cleaning on and off site

When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality road-tow water washer bowser, look no further than our MHM Road-Tow Pressure Washer Bowser 1125-P.

Road-Tow Water Bowser 1125-P
Features & Benefits
  • 1125 litre capacity
    Can be safely transported full of water and enough storage for most construction site applications.
  • Internal anti-surge baffle
    Additional stability for transport
  • 22 inch lockable top access cover
    Secure and simple refill access
  • Inner sealed and vented lid
    Extra protection
  • Protective galvanised base and durable corrosion free polyethylene inner and outer tank secured by 2 x stainless steel straps
    Robust, long lasting & ready for work in any environment
  • Lifting points & fork pockets
    For fl exible & safe loading & unloading
  • Complete on road-tow chassis
    Single axle, suspension, brakes, mudguards & rear lights – suitable for UK highway use
Features & Benefits
  • 3000 PSI/ 200 Bar
    Plenty of pressure for most site washing applications
  • Interpump water pump
    Heavy duty and proven reliability
  • Return to tank unloader valve
    Maximum protection for a rental environment
  • 1450rpm gearbox drive
    Reduced speed for cooler running & improved longevity
  • Yanmar diesel engine
    Power, reliability & robust strength
  • Strong protective metal frame
    Great protection for a rental & construction environment
  • Hand lance holder & hose storage
    For safe and secure transport & storage
  • Detergent/chemical feed-line c/w strainer filter
    Simple connectivity for easy use of various cleaning products

Optional Extras

Tap Kit
Tap Kit
Hose Kit
Hose Kit
Multiple Colour Options Available
Multiple Colour Options Available
Skid Base
Skid Base
Site-Tow Trailer
Site-Tow Trailer

Weights & Dimensions

  (With Road-Tow Kit)
Length 3500 mm
Width 1550 mm
Height 1400 mm
Dry Weight (No Water) 375 kg
Wet Weight (Water Full) 1500 kg

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