Event & Construction

Site Distribution Boxes

Strong, safe with multiple power options and outlets.

When looking for a robust, reliable, good quality generator site electrical distribution box suitable for events & small construction, look no further than our MHM Distrobox C/E range.

  • Simple plug & play connectivity
    Easy to manage for any rental and event application
  • Heavy duty, hard and durable IP rated thermoplastic polyurethane box
    Shock, weather proof and long lasting
  • Carry handles, interlockable and stackable design
    Perfect for transportation and storage
  • Full protection on the inlet and all outlet sockets
    Reduces risk of overloading or overheating and ensures safe operation
  • Neon light indicators on all inlets and outlets
    For quick, simple and easy troubleshooting on site

Features not applicable to all products. Please see product pages below for individual specifications.

Plug and Play connectivity suitable for Construction sites and Events
Ready to rent Distro Box C/E

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